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The zoOm Review Show – Boss, Captain Phillips & Escape Plan : Online Movie Review


theaksihag says:

4 * Movie

only 1 word AWESOME

akshay sihag says:

4/5 star movie jhaakaas mza aa gya #BOSS dekh k

Maneesh Sharma says:

whaa betee wo mulaa hai islyee qurashi saabbb…..salooo to mulee log kitne narrow minded hote ho

Shruti Dhawan says:

excellent, power packed entertainer, lovely foot tapping music, must watch for excellent entertaining performances by Akshay and Ronit.

Cena Kumar says:

M***r c**d

Muhammed Iqbal says:

I watched it 2 time its awesome movie u.qureshi saab 4/5 star

Satyam Dey says:

kiya khak maza hay jeene main
jabtak aag na lagi ho dushman ki sene main

roshan ghale says:

Boss always right

Abhinav Kumar says:

boss…….mst entertainment hai

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