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These 9 Ridiculous Product Labels Are Hilariously Lying To You. Trust No One… Or At Least Not Them.

As a famous fictional doctor once said, “Everybody lies.” It’s true. Not only is it true, but it also applies to product labels. Maybe the companies that produced these items didn’t mean to lie to you, but there’s something fishy going on with these warning labels… and it’s hilarious. Whether they are lies or just outright ridiculous, you’ll love these.

1.) Oh. So then what do we do with this?

2.) Thanks for lying to us, box.

3.) Where do we buy perfect panties, then?

4.) Apparently I don’t understand what “infinity” means.

5.) Then you really need to rethink your signage.

6.) LOLOL.

7.) This is just cruel.

8.) And this loaf thought it was so much better than sliced bread.

9.) What kind of hot dogs do they want me to use?

The lesson to learn here is to never take product labels as gospel truth (or even solid advice). Using your common sense or asking the nearest toddler is probably a better idea. To make others LOL, share this!

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