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They asked each family to go shopping a buy a normal week’s worth of food. The last photo gives….

This family created a travel album they call Hungry Planet: What the World Eats.

The goal for Peter Menzel and his wife Faith DAluision was to figure out what an average family from various parts of the world eat and how much they spend on their food for that week. They then would document the actual food and families through photos.

They started their journey in 2006. After visting 30 families in 24 different countries they have illustrated the daily eating habits by asking each family to do their shopping for a weeks worth of typical food. The authors paid for their food purchases and then took photos of them with the food that they bought.

The photos are revealing as you get to see both economic, and cultural differences between the countries. There was poverty and very minimal food selection for some families. Then there was fast food for other families, and even high end food purchasing for yet others. The selections were clearly based on the culture as well. The Germans like their beer, and the Americans dont go without a weekly pizza or two. While the last photo of a family in Sudan consists mainly of bulk grains and a single jug of water. This album really puts things into perspective and is presented in a way that speaks of the unique cultural differences that various families from all across the world have, and the varying monetary amounts they spend to stay fed.

1. The Melander family of Bargteheide (Germany)

Food for a 4-person family, cost: $ 500.07

2. The Kutten-Kass family from Erpeldange (Luxembourg)

Products for a family of 4, cost: $ 465.84

3. The Le Moine family from Paris (France)

Food for 4 people, cost: $ 419.95

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4. The Brown family from Riverview (Australia)

Food for a 7-person family, cost: $ 376

5. The Revis family from North Carolina (USA)

Weekly supplies for 4 people, cost: $ 341.98

6.The Ukita family from Kodaira City (Japan)

Food for four people, cost: $ 317.25

7. The Haggan Al family from Kuwait

Food for an 8-person family, cost: $ 221.45

8. The Casales family from Cuernavaca (Mexico)

Products for 5 people, cost: $ 189.09

9. The Dong family from Beijing (China)

Food for a family of 4, cost: $ 155.06

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