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This 21 Year Old Girl’s Tragic Death Led To One Of The Most Touching Things I’ve Ever Seen.

A 21 year-old was riding her bike home from nursing school when she was struck by a drunk driver and killed. Kristina Chesterman was a student at the California State University. It was a tragic shock when she was hit only a block from her home in Chico, California. Soon after the accident, she was pronounced brain dead.  But through that unbelievable tragedy, a miracle emerged.

Kristina was an organ donor. Because of her death, she was able to give five other people a second chance at life.

Two babies received parts of her liver, a family friend got a kidney, and 64-year-old Susan Vieira received her heart.

Susan Vieira had been in congestive heart failure. Since July, she was waiting for a transplant. No one thought she would be able to find a donor in time.

Then she got a call. After she received Kristina’s heart, she searched for her family online and found her mother.

The connection was instantaneous. Susan then promised the Chesterman family that she’d do everything on their daughter’s bucket list.

That included learning how to pilot a plane, traveling around the world, and flying in a hot-air balloon.

Susan doesn’t know how many she’d be able to complete, but she is going to try her very best for sweet Kristina.

(H/T BuzzFeed) Kristina signed up to be an organ donor when she was 18. She was a loving young woman, and wanted to help other people. That’s why she was training to be a nurse. She also donated blood as often as she could. Now, her friends and family are working on building a clinic in Nigeria in Kristina’s memory. What happened to this young girl is truly awful, but it is amazing what miracles were able to come out of this tragedy. Hopefully, Susan can cross everything off of Kristina’s bucket list. Please share Kristina’s story with others and keep her memory alive.

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