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This Artist Makes Delightful Cardboard Masks On Instagram Every Day

Spanish artist Sandra Suárez is having some fun on Instagram with just some paint and her imagination.

1. With some cardboard, paint, and a little creativity, Sandra Suárez has produced this delightful 365 day project where she creates beautiful masks out of basic materials.

2. In an interview with the Instagram blog, Suárez explained that she started this project just for fun.

3. “Sometimes we forget to do the things that amuse us. Leave out the obligations and worries and just play.”

4. Her project has grown immensly and gathered a large, international following on Instagram.

5. “This week, a girl from Indonesia wrote me, saying that I had inspired a recycling project she was doing in school,” Suárez told the Instagram blog.

6. “How is that possible? From Spain I managed to reach a person who was thousands of miles away.”

7. Check out some of her funky, awesome creations below:


You can follow the project here:

Via Instagram: @post

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