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This Cute Cat May Be Blind, But She Still Has Her Sense Of Adventure.

This calico cutie may be blind, but that doesn’t stop her from enjoying the great outdoors. Her name is Honey Bee and she was rescued by Animals Fiji, a rescue charity, before being adopted by her owners and brought to America. 

Honey Bee was born with both microphthalmia and macrophthalmia in each of her eyes, meaning one was abnormally large and the other abnormally small. While still in the Fiji shelter, the larger was removed and then the smaller was as well once she was brought to the US. Her sense of vision is more than made up for by her sense of adventure.

She recently trekked along the trails of Mason Lake, which is located just outside of Seattle, Washington, with her humans by her side.

They made sure she didn’t get lost, but let the sounds and smell guide her exploration.

And provided a cozy place to rest when she would get tired.

Her owners describe her as “amazing, playful, and can do anything a non-blind cat can do!” People were definitely shocked to see the little hiker hitting the trails. Check out more of her adorable journey in this video: 

(via Laughing Squid.)

You can find out more information and adorable pics on Honey Bee’s Facebook page.

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