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This Inflatable Hoodie Is A Brilliant Way To Nap Anywhere

Have you ever been stuck somewhere, dying for a nap?

Of course you have – we all have! So where exactly would be a good place to take a nap somewhere on the go like an airport terminal? How about wherever the hell you want?

This is the Hypnos Hoodie, an ingenious way to spend an hour or two taking a comfortable nap regardless of where you are. With just a little effort inflating the hood, it turns itself into a warm and cozy little pillow – all for $49.

The ‘pillow’ is designed to be inconspicuous only when it’s not needed, so as not to feel too bulky to the wearer. When you’re ready for your nap, a couple puffs will have you set to go and you’ll be able to deflate it after that. Simple!

If you want one of these bad boys you can expect the first shipments to begin in March; I can guarantee I’ll be getting one!

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