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This is a trend I can get behind!


t00tie says:

I don’t believe you.

t00tie says:

tihi. Yes, I am a bit miffed about being downvoted for this. Imgur taught me to do it! 🙂

iwonderwhatthemaxusernamecharacterlimitis says:

pics or its not true! haha i’ll try it here now

TheChinamanIsNotTheIssue says:

Hipster flat girl

iheartyourpsyche says:

Do you want saggy tits? Because that’s how you get saggy tits.

ecafsub says:

Boobs NEED bras. Unless you like them saggy and hanging around ankles.

HeyFreckleFace says:

Flattery gets you everywhere.

justorderalargefarva says:

I always used to joke with my not-so-well-endowed girl friends that I would give them some of mine just because they are always in the way.

NotAPervert says:

“please god, please have selfies”

RoboLuddite says:


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