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This man just wanted to bathe in the sea. But when he enters the water, something terrible happens.

Hes 65-years-old and lives and works in the Tuscan city of Carrara (Italy). Originally from Syria, Ibrahim Fwal has integrated into his current community which he greatly enjoys.

It was three years ago, when he decided that perhaps he would get a dog. Many people have that moment where they make the choice to bring an animal into their life. But not many have a story that ends up occurring like this.

Hes always loved animals. When he wanted to get a dog, he immediately decided to save a pup from the local animal shelter. A recently abandoned young German Shepherd happened to be there and Ibrahim knew this was the one.

Rocky and Ibrahim clicked right away and soon become inseparable, as he became more like a young son to the man than just a pet.

They often went to the beach together, and on one particular day, the heat made Ibrahim decide to jump in the water to cool down some. But when he got out, Rocky was gone.

Naturally Ibrahim freaked out as panic set in. He scoured the beach. He called to Rocky. He asked other beachgoers if they had seen his dog. But there were no signs of Rocky anywhere. He decided to make one last round, and thats when some people said they saw some Gypsies take Rocky.

This actually goes on rather frequently, and Ibrahim became immediately heartbroken.

Rocky was gone, and likely gone for good. It was an incredibly hard thing to deal with, and Ibrahim was feeling the emotional pain of losing a pet that you’ve fallen in love with.

Three years later, Ibrahim still wondered where his once beloved puppy was growing up at, now as an adult.

Well it turned out the dog had either escaped or else was once again abandoned. Because he ended up becoming adopted once again, this time to a family in Salerno, Italy.

Rocky had a tough time adjusting at his new home. He would try to run away and seemed very restless. The new owners, afraid hed get lost, put a collar with a phone number on him.

Indeed, Rocky did take off. He wasnt escaping an abusive environment, he simply was trying to get back to that one person who took adopted him three years ago.

Rocky had no idea that 400 miles separated him from Ibrahim. But nevertheless, he set out. At a near nonstop pace, picking up food wherever he could, Rocky made it 370 miles to Pisa, Italy, before he was discovered. Rockys feet were severely raw from his continual travelling.

The rescuers found Rocky and called the number on the collar. The family confirmed that yes, it was their dog. One of the rescuers noticed something else on the dog. It was a tattoo. Ibrahim had given Rocky a tattoo as a puppy, and this would prove to be the vehicle that would deliver Rocky to his original owner.

It would be 3 years later. 430 miles further. Rocky never forgot Ibrahim. And now the two were reunited.

“I did not believe, I could not believe it!” said Ibrahim. “When they brought him home I was in the car and he heard my voice from inside and began making a huge commotion.

What an amazing story and certainly more proof of the strong bond that humans and dogs have. Rarely do we get to read about a story turning out so beautifully as this one, after such heartache and sorrow had occurred previously.

This is a wonderful animal loving story that is definitely worth sharing with all your friends and family!

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