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This must be the coolest dog ever not allowed here…


stigmawizard says:

Well, that’s specific.

DoctorJungyBrongen says:

That dog DEFINITELY still has his balls.

stigmawizard says:

Thank God my dog only drinks from stemless wine glasses.

MakingUpAUsernameIsTerrifying says:

Seymour had a lot of time to kill waiting for Fry.

BigDickPodrick says:

I’m a skateboarding, alcoholic dog who smokes and I find this offensive.

RyanCharlie says:

It’s on the other dies of his face, we just can’t see it.


He’ll just bark them an offer they can’t refuse.

kgirl924 says:

So if I drink wine, smoke and skate board I’ll become a dog?!

halshing says:

My dog is trained to do 2/3 of those things

wittyusernamehere says:

That sign is specific for reasons.

halshing says:

I bet that sign is fun at parties

FinallyDoneLurking says:

Guys, I think it means No Dogs, No Smoking, No Alcohol, and No Skateboarding.

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