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This Photo Is Going Extremely VIRAL! Take A Look At His Right Hand. Youll Be WOWd.

Bo Graf took this photo. He lives in Greenville, South Carolinia and saw something very special in the Ingles Markets grocery store parking lot. It was a young man who was holding an old ladys hand. He was walking her back to her car.

It was such a sight, that he quickly captured the moment on his phone. He shared it on social media, and now it has gone major viral.

In part, it was the Orlando shooting incident that had made Bo so mad, and sad, for America. How did we get to this point where such a tragedy happens? Thats the question many have been asking themselves. Its the little moments of beauty in life that force us back into remembering that theres still hope for humanity.

Such was the case here, with Bo, and this special capture. Check out what he says about seeing the young man, Brandon Rollins, perform this act of kindness:

Check out his post below:


Graf talked to reporters and heres what he said:

The next day the market where this took place, rewarded Brandon with a cake to thank him for his wonderful deed.

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