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This shit is awesome


jetblue7 says:

im ashamed… from thumbnail i thought this was something entirely different. but this is good stuff

YoAllyWeirick says:

this is some whiny first world problem shit.

talivasnormandy says:

Where can I get one?

Underd0g says:

Hey man, I’m with you. All or nothing, IMHO.

ebillightbulb says:

I have a phobia of dolls and my aunt bought me one of these for Christmas. I screamed and threw it. Broke the TV.

CunnilingusSpecialist says:


enormoose says:

Plot twist, was on toilet when op posted this and he was having a very good shit

batlrar says:

I wonder how many parents had to embarrassingly explain to their kids why they can’t have the service dog toy to bring around in public?

Mithi says:

Boys do not play with “dolls” but with “action figures” … ;-}

Ninjinister says:

That puppy is super adorable!

veganrocker says:

Expect the blonde american girls can only have blue eyes. That’s the only thing that really pissed me off

ArchipankratorAllesSeienden says:

so … how much? how much do they cost?

shootxthexmessenger says:

I had Samantha because she looked like me! But I had Kirsten’s Santa Lucia outfit because my moms family is Swedish.

RavingSloth says:

I know, right? I mean jesus who needs a doll identical to themself? Just fuckin play with whatever you find.

Redrumofthesheep says:

It’s okay. I’m a kind and gentle grammar nazi. 🙂

unnecessaryninjaflip says:

Wouldn’t American Girl be even more authentic if it was morbidly obese? Complete with insulin for those pesky Diabetus

CrimsonSix says:

I always downvote tumblr posts.

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