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This Video Of A Guitarist Playing Along To The Anguished Sobs Of A Japanese Politician Is Very Weird

Ryutaro Nonomura, who’s involved in an expenses scandal in Japan, gave an impassioned explanation of what went wrong. Some genius decided to put it to music.

1. So this is odd.

Ryutaro Nonomura, an elected official in Hyogo, western Japan, is accused of mispending 3 million yen (about £17,300) on 195 trips, 106 of them to the same hot spring resort, without producing a single receipt.

This footage of him giving an emotional explanation of his actions, in which he bangs the table, runs out of breath and sobs uncontrollably.

2. Probably the best thing about the video is it just gets weirder.

3. And it involves considerable musical ability to keep up with him.

4. What the full thing here.

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