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Tim Howard could've saved Ned Stark.


Lyrian says:

Ned Stark could have saved himself if he wasn’t a little bitch.

MegaPotato says:

Not even Tim Howard could save the Starks

MakingUpAUsernameIsTerrifying says:

He could have saved everyone…

solkanarmy says:

man, it hit the (re)post!

theclowbog says:

This is why I hate both soccer and Game of Thrones.

ThatGuyWhoDownvotesGameOfThronesAndCoralAndRepostStatistics says:

Signing in… again.

TheOdysseyRotMG says:

But there’s a button to share to reddit that can take people to the gallery page, and since a lot of reddit users have accounts here…

ZeroclockGaming says:

really now? I was refering to world war 2, Americans knew early on about concentration camps, simple bomb would have saved a lot, but nope..

Frost56 says:

Ed Stark* His name is Eddard you fool

markymarktwain says:

i can tell by your comment that you have no idea what i’m talking about. i don’t have the energy to explain how this all works

ZeroclockGaming says:

you must be yourself if you think that is even remotely what I said

ZeroclockGaming says:

not my problem you are not aware of history and your countries involvement in it.

KingBooge says:


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