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TLC Doc – Februari 2014


Lulu Hofe says:

I hope the kids will be smart and study and leave the house at 18. they
will be crazy teens going to every party every week. spring break…boys…
one day stagemoms!! One day they want freedom and compliments from OTHERS
that they are PRETTY,, HOT,, PERFECT… guys say: your pretty hott
everything but for other reasons… they will look for it because you are
doing all this tan, makeup since 4 yrs old?? So they will never be happy
with themselves and natural beauty when they become 14 15 years old.. then
you have to make an ohoh 16 and pregnant version of these kids one day
freaking moms!!!!!! poor innoncent kids

Theresa says:

I’m so sorry and feel your loss. My dad died young, at 63 yrs. and although it has been 12 yrs., I still miss him very much. Although I’m so much in love with life, the losses are soimhteng I always carry with me, a sadness that always remains.

Roberta says:

Je;sA&nbfpf,s you correctly deduce, I am not normally given to including much romantic content in my work. It is, as you suggest, not really my thing. However, the relationship you ask about does play rather an important role later in the story, so I will hold off answering your specific question for now, because I don’t want to ruin some of the fun to come!

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