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To all the older Harry Potter fans out there.


piggypiglet says:

I keep asking and nobody answers – how does one get such clear TV images?

misseskitties says:

That’s Daniel Radcliff.

carewyllie says:

And I’m one of those adults. He’s talking to me, too!

azazyel says:

Here’s a better GIF version

ConsensualSeduction says:

dat jawline doe….

ConsensualSeduction says:

dat jawline doe….

mpan says:

Snape kills Dumbledore.

RobertDanger says:

Every time this image is posted, this comment is posted. HP fans are super butthurt over this pic.

jayhawk1013 says:

Well, I was 27 in 2002. Heh. Girlfriend is just finishing for the first time.

frandy says:

are you serious?

Noox says:


AerysIITargaryen says:

I feel this is like saying that a child’s glove that can only be worn by a child is not a good glove.

Geeoh says:

1st Corinthians 13:11 <3

SnowmanRugby says:

He keeps writing stories about his imaginary friend… Thsts not childish?

needlecakes says:

Has anyone ever read a Harry potter book? That shit had like 7 pt font….

piggypiglet says:

How does one stream tv content on one’s computer?

piggypiglet says:

Seems to me it’s the TV companies PR firm

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