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To this day, I can't look at a dog and not remember that day


WeCouldAllGoPeeTogether says:

Even Old Yeller went behind the woodshed.

ZaphodBbx says:

You didn’t kill that dog; you just ended his suffering. That is a good thing, and if he could have he would have thanked you…So thank you.

IRunWithPoop says:

You should feel proud. Yes, it’s sad, but it would have been terrible for the little pups to suffer any longer than it already did.

BrianMFTurner says:

Would you have felt better to just watch it die slowly and in agonizing pain?

NorfolkBoy says:

I don’t think you’d call it empathy with the animals I’ve killed for food though. Never the less, I think you made the right call.

CameronCoffelt says:

You did the best that you could, OP. That dog would be grateful if it could.

rockwrangler5 says:

you definitely did the right thing.

HashtagDadJokes says:

Go forward knowing that what you did was a good and honorable thing to do.

cantlivewithem says:

the most difficult acts are often the best. Well done. You helped that dog.

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