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Told my girlfriend and family we're celebrating the holidays the traditional eastern european way this year.


awholelottanope says:


ShamrockFury says:

Are you sure you aren’t celebrating Hanukkah?

catangel101 says:

That’s…. actually a really good idea.

AwkwardOstrichGirl says:

This isn’t a confession. This is GENIUS

TheDoctorAndHisTrustyTardis says:

That’s….that’s smart.

kallan0100 says:

My family does the same

cornerson89 says:

As a poor person, this is genius!!!

Geophile says:


crispexops says:

So…you’re trying to save money while still being generous at gift-giving? Nothing wrong with that.

EricTheodoreCartman says:

I did the same 😀

ShamrockFury says:

Kiss my butt.

gobismyhomeboy says:

I also do this after Halloween. Only thing better than candy is getting a deal on it!

mrkittles145 says:

i can’t hear you over all this work and money

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