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Tom Hanks and Paul Greengrass interviewed by Simon Mayo


jc13jach3 says:

Paul Greengrass bares an uncanny resemblance to Matt Groening.

SaucyNinja007 says:

Good movie. The performances were great all around. Felt very authentic.

22grena says:

Villa fan my arse

J Hallenbeck says:

Captain Phillips – I smell Oscar. And that’s just from the trailer!

Graham Clark says:

thanks for telling us

adi235v2 says:

fantastic interview ! cant wait to see the film

RoathRipper says:

didn’t Karpringen get there first?

ghostly606 says:

What a charming pair, film looks great. Greengrass never fails to disappoint.

Wilks363 says:

Love the chemistry between them, Tom Hanks is a true star and a decent chap as well..!

thejhornerfactor says:

You can feel the actor/director chemistry between the two. Captain Phillips looks great, by the way.

TheToonMonkey says:

Tom Hanks is always good value in an interview.

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