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Tom Hanks & Paul Greengrass talk about Captain Phillips (Channel 4 News, 10.10.13)


Regina Kessy says:

There is a great African proverb: ‘Until the lions can tell their own stories, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter’ I REST MY CASE!

mcsquare77 says:

Greengrass hasn’t directed a a good film yet!

TopTellyFan says:

I got the impression he got distracted, perhaps by someone talking in his ear or by expecting to end the show a certain way – with the aid of reading out the basics from an autocue – so that might’ve stopped, and the show ended a bit suddenly, too.

M Fitch says:

Keeping a discussion on point seems to be impossible, with glaringly open deceit who cares about the distractions. Only those with insincere motives and a squawk to match. Is tommo going to do a film for the population of Somalia. it would need to be done for free, but hey tommy boy the future will see you as important man, not a grease pole mouthpiece.

sakkamuse says:

The sign off by Jon was a bit odd. That is rather fine, that is channel 4 news … but …

MPeasant says:

funny i know not one tea party banker

MPeasant says:

gotta love the lil bit of propaganda slipped in lmmfao that the tea party are all loons that could bankrupt the world hahahahahahaaaaaa

M Fitch says:

Greengrass= deluded scum. Perfect scum for a corrupted empire.

M Fitch says:

From the start. The sea off Somalia is being overfished by commercial trawlers starving the Somali’s into desperate acts, the world is being over fished on a industrial scale for the wealth of a few.This is propaganda. The world knows the nature of international business, yet, still have the bravado to produce this shit.Tom will return to his multiple mansions well paid for his great acting and willingness to betray starving people, that includes children, surprise,dead children 1000s of them.

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