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‘Too funny and true’! Fantastic Photoshop totally skewers recent O-care delay!/LadyGoodman3/status/433070513213018114

Hells yeah, it’s good!

We have to laugh about the most recent Obamacare delay so we don’t cry. Thankfully, Photoshop whiz Slublog has made it easy for us:!/Slublog/status/433068183159717888


The best jokes contain an element of truth.!/StevenDavisJr/status/433225268288061440

Fake, but accurate!!/senatorshoshana/status/433070025017401345!/rumpfshaker/status/433072394421276672!/jaredsmall/status/433092353843535872



‘That’s going to leave a mark’! Eric Cantor, others slam latest Obamacare delay [pic]

President Euphemism! Obama calls latest Obamacare delay just an ‘adjustment’

‘Do you know what your job is?’: Harry Reid defends latest Obamacare delay

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