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Transform Your Body with Brooke Burke – Strengthen & Condition

Brooke Burke, TV star, entrepreneur, author and 40-year old mother of four, will help you strengthen and condition your muscles efficiently. Celebrity trainer Greg Joujon-Roche joins Brooke in helping you transform your body and reach your goals by leading a challenging and dynamic workout that exercises every muscle. In this fun calorie burning workout, Brooke and Greg Joujon-Roche target three main muscle groups – the upper body, the core and the lower body – leading the way toward a stronger, healthier and happier you!

Product Features

  • Factory sealed DVD

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Anonymous says:

Work out with Brooke In the “Tone & Tighten” DVD (with the blue cover), Brooke Burke instructs in a challenging and moderately-paced workout. I enjoyed her pleasant personality which includes her confidence and bright smile, as well as the nice surroundings of the garden and warehouse setting.Ms. Burke works with two other ladies, and one does modifications so this DVD is a little easier than the other DVD from Ms. Burke. Some may consider this an intermediate, or if you follow the modifier, possibly…

Anonymous says:

I love it! This has got to be one of the best exercise DVDs I have ever purchased. I’d put it in the top two along with Karina Smirnoff’s DVD. I’m recovering from major abdominal surgery and haven’t been able to exercise for one year. I was a little concerned about being able to do the exercises, but decided to go slowly. The first time, I only did the warm up and the lower body series. The second day I did the lower body and upper body series. I repeated the third day, and within one week, I went down an…

Anonymous says:

I started working out again by purchasing the Strengthen and Condition DVD, plus the 30 Day Slim Down and I’ve been alternating between the two DVD’s for about 4-5 weeks now. They were really challenging at first, and I am just now after a few weeks getting to the point where I can finish each exercise without having to take a pause. I like Brooke’s style and her direction, plus on the Strengthen and Condition DVD, her personal trainer is also directing and I like him. After almost 5 weeks of…

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