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Traumatizing Photos Emerge Of Kobe Bryant, Injured On Arguably Dirty Play

In the last seconds of Wednesday night’s Lakers loss to the Atlanta Hawks, Dahntay Jones, defending Kobe Bryant, sort of got all up in Kobe’s grill, and Kobe got hurt.

It’s unclear whether Jones was simply contesting the shot aggressively or stuck his leg under Kobe on purpose. (No foul was called.)

And he said this in a postgame interview.

“I just can’t get over the fact that I have to wait a year to get revenge … You can’t walk underneath players, that’s dangerous for the shooter. He Jalen Rose’d me.”

It’s a reference to the 2000 NBA Finals, when Jalen Rose, then a member of the Indiana Pacers, stuck his leg out underneath Kobe and got away with it.

Rose would later admit that he intentionally injured Kobe.

Kobe’s wife Vanessa sent out this somewhat confusing shot of his swollen ankle after the game.

The story might have ended there — but the BuzzFeed Sports I-Team has uncovered further photos that prove Bryant’s point beyond a doubt. These images truly have no place in the game of basketball — or anywhere in civilized society.

Warning: graphic material ahead.

Words are almost inadequate, but a few come to mind. Harrowing. Abhorrent. Flamboyant Lil’ Bo Peep.

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