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Travel Accessories Luggage Straps (2 Pack) – Easy Carry Travel Gear & Luggage Accessories

Third Hand for Carrying Your Belongings when On the Go

• Are you always looking for an extra place to carry your possessions?

• Do you frequently run out of room in your bag or tote?

• Tired of stuffing your luggage full with your jacket or sweater?

Introducing Your Very Own Taste Drink Go Third Hand Luggage Strap to the Rescue!

• Ideal for attaching jackets, umbrellas or travel gear to the outside of any bag or suitcase.

• Convenient strap leaves hands free for more relaxing travel.

• Strong carabiner is spring loaded and attaches with ease in seconds.

• Designed to be reliable and secure, the Third Hand-Luggage Strap is the easy way to carry more.

• Made lovingly in China.

Amazon Buyers Trust Our Taste Drink Go Brand to be Quality Premium Products.

You are Backed by our Manufacturer’s Warranty! When you purchase this product you are provided a warranty covering manufacturer defects. Simply notify Taste Drink Go service and we will work to earn your complete satisfaction.

We Cannot Guarantee this Special Pricing, So Be Sure to Click Buy Now!

Product Features

  • ✈️ WHILE OTHER LUGGAGE STRAPS BREAK EASILY, WITH CRACKED PLASTIC BUCKLE AND STITCHES COMING APART, the Taste Drink Go Third Hand is made OF the STRONGEST carabiner, HEAVY-DUTY METAL clip and a PREMIUM nylon strap. The 3rd Hand Luggage Strap is designed to carry items such as umbrella, hat, neck pillow, water bottle to heavier travel accessories such as Jackets, Bags and more. You can SAVE the hassle of juggling multiple bags and belongings with this easy attach luggage straps.
  • ✈️ DON’T SETTLE FOR LUGGAGE STRAPS THAT WILL NOT STAY TIGHT AND RISK LOSING YOUR BELONGINGS. Our luggage strap is designed with NON-SLIP web strap material and a silicone strip to hold items safely. Other Add A Bag strap are thin and slips to its original size, ours SECURES your bag, jacket, travel blanket or towel and makes sure it’s FIRMLY attached. The baggage strap is EASY TO ATTACH AND REMOVE from your bag. TRAVEL WITH CONFIDENCE, knowing your items won’t get tossed and lost.
  • ✈️ UNLIKE OTHER 3RD HAND THAT ARE TOO SHORT AND HEAVY, this luggage hook is designed to be LONGER and SECURES your belongings together. If ALL THE THINGS YOU NEED WON’T FIT in one bag, this luggage strap CHANGES ALL THAT! Just wrap them together and it will keep your belongings HANDY but out of the way. FREE UP YOUR HANDS! It’s COMPACT and LIGHT, just slip it on your purse or carry-on and GO ABOUT YOUR DAY WORRY FREE!
  • ✈️ We look for products that SOLVE TRAVEL PROBLEMS AND TEST ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS to make sure you are getting a quality item. If you have an issue or question, please contact us directly. We want you to be HAPPY WITH YOUR PURCHASE. Check out our MULTI-UNIT DISCOUNTS: Scroll down to the Special Offers & Product Promotions area below. Up to 15% off of today’s order.
  • ✈️ TRAVEL EASY WITH THE ADJUSTABLE LUGGAGE STRAP. USE IT TWO WAYS: 1) Use EASY snap Carabiner clip to HOOK to your water bottle, umbrella, bag etc. HANG your items on anything to FREE YOUR HANDS. 2) ADJUST strap and WRAP around your jacket, blanket or travel pillow, tighten with HEAVY DUTY BUCKLE to hold it in place. Use the quick snap carabiner to clip to your backpack, carry on, or luggage. Makes navigating airports, subways and sidewalks easier while the Straps do the heavy lifting for you.

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Anonymous says:

So much love for this luggage strap So much love for this luggage strap!!!! I am so glad I got this luggage strap! Traveling is going to be so much easier… and when I travel I NEED easy lol. Whenever I travel I always seem to bring way more than I need to…. making my carry on more like carry ons… I always bring too much and it never all fits in one bag… This luggage strap is going to change all that!It is so heavy duty! The ring that attaches to your luggage is so easy and really effortless to attach. It just…

Anonymous says:

Well crafted My husband travels a LOT. The trip to and from Alaska can last up to 12 hours, so his carryon luggage and computer bag may start out feeling lightweight, but by the time he gets where he’s going they feel like they weigh a ton. That’s not even considering his checked luggage. This strap will work wonders helping him get all his stuff from place to place with a whole lot less hassle. The circular carabiner clip is heavy duty and so is the strap clip, which is metal unlike many clips that are…

Anonymous says:

Super useful for traveling and everyday use! I was lucky enough to pick up this strap on sale right before my vacation to Hawaii. Holy cow, what a lifesaver it was. I have my carry on, a personal item, and a medical device that I take with me on the plane. With this strap I was able to join these together on my rolling carry on. I have never been so hand-free at an airport. It was perfect. The ring opens easy enough you can use one hand (and it’s metal so I don’t have to worry about it failing). Now that I am back I have it attached to my…

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