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Triple-Head Indoor Plant Light with Red and Blue 30W LED Light Bulbs | Grow Light with Timer for Indoor Plants, Houseplants, and Succulent Plants | Greenhouse, Table, Desk Lamp with Clamp

Love plants, but don’t necessarily have the time to keep chasing after the sun for them?

Houseplants improve our focus and indoor air quality. However, they’re not always the easiest to keep alive. As most plants need sunlight to survive, owners are tasked with constantly looking for the best window to give them the most light. Not always the easiest, given each plant’s individual needs.

And when winter comes, many have to cycle plants between periods of staying inside and in the garden. These high maintenance costs can be off-putting, especially for us who love flora but are also stacked with work or kids.

Now you can finally go green effortlessly with the Plant Light by Dwelling with Pride.

Growing lights for indoor plants allow you to grow plants year round. From germination to maturation and flowering, our UV light for plants supports healthy growth.

The blue light drives photosynthesis, and helps the plant properly regulate water and carbon dioxide. Blue light is what helps the plant grow strong stems and leaves. Red light helps chlorophyll maximize yield and grow nutritious fruits or flowers by helping the plant metabolize the light it receives into sugars and carbons.

However, overexposure is a real problem with some grow lights for indoor plants. Too much blue light can stunt growth. Too much red light can lead to overly long leaves and stems. Dimmable settings and an auto timer ensure that your plant gets light at the exact wavelength it needs.

Not convinced yet? Here are more benefits you get with our plant lights for indoor plants:

🌱 Quality adapter for reliable power supply.
🌱 Metal clamp with sturdy grip.
🌱 Max power at 30w.
🌱 Each light good for two plants.
Nip your lighting problems in the bud. Grow the vibrant plants you’ve always wanted with Dwelling with Pride’s Plant Light TODAY!

Product Features

  • 🌱 FULL SPECTRUM CARE – Our full spectrum LED grow light uses red and blue lights–a necessity for plant growth. The plant lamp has 3 combinations: red light, blue light, and red and blue light.
  • 🌱 ADJUSTABLE INTENSITY – Features dimmable brightness for all 3 lights. You can use our light with any plant, whether they’re sensitive with dim light needs, or plants that need a lot of light.
  • 🌱 FLEXIBLE RANGE – Triple lights are attached onto gooseneck arms that rotate 360° degrees. Our LED grow light is also built with a metal clip that easily mounts onto the edge of desks or tables.
  • 🌱 LONG-LASTING – LED lights are best known for their longevity, and are a cut above CFL, fluorescent, or halogen lights. Each plant grow light has an average lifespan of 50,000 hours.
  • 🌱 LOW MAINTENANCE – You can set timing to automatically turn on or off at 3, 9, and 12-hour intervals. You can go to work sure that your plant, bulb, vegetable, flower, seed, or herb is happy.

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Anonymous says:

I absolutely love this Dual Head Indoor Plant Light!! I have a window in my use that never gets direct sunlight. I have had to keep all of my living room plants pretty much in one place in order for them all to get sunlight. I love succulents and orchids, which need a lot of light, so needless to say some never made it. I found this great Indoor Plant Light from dwelling With Pride and moved my orchid and succulents to one place and have been using this light on them. They are all…

Anonymous says:

I need more of these ASAP.The Dual Head Indoor Plant Light is just what we need.I love that they are adjustable and customizable to fit the needs of you and your plants. You want? They got it.We have an indoor herb and veggie garden that is outgrowing our current lighting setup, and needed the following:• Something we could set a timer for, for our touchy plants.• Something we could easily angle so that more plants could get light.• Something that would…

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