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Trump Says His Kids Aren’t Registered To Vote For Him In The Primary

Eric and Ivanka Trump are unable to vote for their father in the New York primary becausethey failed to register in time.

Donald Trump detailed the situation on Fox News on Monday morning.

Eric and Ivanka Trump live in New York state. The primary there is coming up onTuesday, April 19.

Trump said Ivanka and Eric did not know the state rules on registering to vote for the primary. They did not register in time and now cannot vote for their father in the Republican primary.

Trump was asked if the registration rules in New York are unfair. He responded,

No. They had a long time [to] register and they were unaware of the rules, and they didn’t register in time.So they feel very, very guilty.

Trump added,

I think they have to register a year in advance, and they didn’t.

Actually, they had to register by March 25 to vote in the New York primary.

Registration rules for the primary vary by state. In some states, you can register at the polls, but in other states you have to do it in advance. Some states make you register for a political party to be able to vote in the primary, but others do not.

This silliness is a good reminder missing the voting registration deadline can happen to anyone. You can check the voting registration deadline rules for your state here.

If you missed the voting registration deadline for your state’s primary, you can still register to vote for the general presidential election.

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