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Trying to take a cute picture of my niece and my dog when suddenly…..



RIP in peace OP’s neice.

tellemurius says:

eeeeyyy bitch……

kcloud says:

It looks like he just had a hateful fart.

ToranagaTheShogun says:

Isn’t she a bit young for driving a car?

fuzzywuzzywasabear says:

Is your dog’s name Sally?

odinsraven2483 says:

Using both feet for driving? Noob

everyseniorcitizenshouldhavelifealert says:

click it or ticket

CereBralLOLsey says:

She’ll need to get to the hospital as ASAP as possible.

ThatGuyWhoStillSaysRad says:

CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE(come on take the stupid picture)EEEEEEEESE

DVSBSTrD says:

Rape face or mid sneeze? take your pick

mooingchum says:

Those eyes…

MissAmazingRachel says:

Damn, looked like a capuchin monkey in the thumbnail…

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