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TVTY wins Best Technology Combination for TV+Amazon campaign

TVTY’s TV monitoring platform has been awarded Best Technology Combination at this year’s Marketing Technology Awards for a pioneering real-time multichannel campaign using television commercials and Amazon search.

Votes counted from the industry and a panel of eight expert judges saw TVTY’s success in boosting engagement as a leading example of joined-up traditional and digital channels.

The TV+Amazon campaign was developed in partnership with performance marketing company Ecselis (part of the Havas Group) in May 2018. It sought to increase click through rates (CTR) and return on ad spend (RoAS) for leading tech brand Philips by engaging consumers with sponsored products on Amazon during key TV moments.

The accuracy of timing afforded by TVTY’s unique TV detection technology allowed Philips to optimize their Amazon visibility at the right moment. Sponsored ads were synchronized in real-time as television commercials were timed to reflect Mother’s Day and Father’s Day celebrations.

For many consumers – around 56% of web users in France, Germany and Great Britain – Amazon is the first destination for their shopping research. TVTY has led the way in tapping into this potential advertising space.

To date, this cross-media strategy had not yet been available on Amazon’s Marketing Services (AMS), but the unique campaign saw a very positive response in a highly competitive vertical.

During the 2-month activation period, TVTY achieved:

  • +40% lift in CTR
  • +25% lift in RoAS
  • -21% fall in CPC

Of the campaign, Eliott Reilhac, CEO of TVTY said: ‘In our ambition to cover all media channels synced with TV, having the opportunity to work with a large channel, such as Amazon Sponsored Product, is definitely a turnkey solution for individual retailers. We are very proud and excited to partner with Philips and Ecselis in the execution of this ambitious, innovative and large-scale campaign.’

Founded in 2012, TVTY specializes in bridging TV and digital advertising. The business monitors more than 600 television channels and triggers digital campaigns in real time when relevant TV moments are detected. Using proprietary video fingerprint technology, TVTY technology can identify ads in 500 milliseconds and can index over 350 new TV commercials every day.

Alongside Philips, their clients have included Danone, Coca-Cola and HTC – and their activities have been recognized around the world.

The Marketing Technology Awards 2019 took place on March 21 at Tribeca Rooftop, New York. TVTY saw fierce competition in the Best Technology Combination group, with Akamai, Glisser, and Merkle all rounding out the last four finalists. Winners in other categories included Kenshoo, Adobe, and Ogilvy.

In all, more than 500 entries were submitted from marketing technology companies of all sizes, varying specialisms, and across a number of different countries.

It is clearly a thriving time for martech. ClickZ is pleased to be able to recognize innovation across the field and to help businesses with their technology solution decisions in an increasingly complex and competitive multichannel world.

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