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Twitter lynch mob: Won’t it be great when Zimmerman gets raped in prison?!/Darker_DaBerry/status/190226346302119936

With all dem grab niggas for jail, Zimmerman anus go expand

— A$AP Chibz (@chibz01) April 11, 2012

Okay we all know Zimmerman gone suck a little dick , get ass fucked and murdered in prison ! Stfu now 🙂

— @wavyyocean (@MyOceans_Wavyy) April 11, 2012

I hope they anal rape george zimmerman in prison…smh

— k3lia bi$H (@PrettiiFlacko) April 11, 2012!/PINKfantasyyy/status/190206087432126465!/MurderousSpitta/status/190216759310172161

bruhhhh lmfaooo RT“@KiannaBanks: Lol Zimmerman better start doin his kegels so he can clench them dicks out his anus in prison”

— Fleekquan Boldin (@YyoWIFEbaldTHO) April 11, 2012!/p3nisface/status/190202980824395776

After they anal rape George Zimmerman in jail they gonna kill him like a worthless dog #YeahISaidIt

— wrecklessXlover89 (@LawlessG91) April 11, 2012!/bigbuxguido/status/190200590024970240

i seriously wouldn't mind reading about zimmerman's anus being penetrated by vile, sharp objects while in prison.

— mat. (@benevolentamiss) April 11, 2012

Dear George Zimmerman…I hope they gang rape your mf ass in prison and make your bitch ass father play the fluffer

— WCSD (@VinnieChace) April 11, 2012!/khaedthebadguy/status/190209966815182848

#Zimmerman is goin to engage into a lot of unwanted anal sex tho bro lmao

— Cuffin Titties In KC (@Mr_Titty_Jesus) April 11, 2012!/Eshaaa_DOPE/status/190222601518448640!/Coco_Chinelo/status/190159344782938112

if you think george zimmerman hates black people now, wait 'til they get done with his anus.

— blaine capatch (@blainecapatch) April 11, 2012!/AyiWenti/status/190220222140129280

i hope dey rape Zimmerman

— Dom F. (@Henn_Ladin) April 11, 2012

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