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Two Jews On Captain Phillips


Im somali fear me says:

Thanks. For the review

steph wilkins says:

BLIMEY! I’ll have to see this one when it’s released next week!

twojewsonfilm says:

You’re more than welcome.  Pls let us know what you think 🙂

1zangelique says:

OH MY GOD!! John and five bagels??!! I never thought I’d be writing those words in the same sentence! How awesome! Great work, guys.

twojewsonfilm says:

thx honey. I know…A xmas miracle LOL

GabnDad says:

Glad you guys loved it – even John! Kinda thought you might… 😉 Great review.

jonathanrosado60 says:

Holy smokes. Go john. No I really can’t wait.

catquack says:

Thanks for the great review.  5 bagels! Can’t wait to see the film.

twojewsonfilm says:

me too LOL

twojewsonfilm says:

really interesting. That area has some really bad karma.

twojewsonfilm says:

and so many others…

twojewsonfilm says:

thx so much. Yes I almost fell off the chair when John said five bagels LOL

twojewsonfilm says:

I know…Can you believe it?????

twojewsonfilm says:

yes, he does. one of our closet freiends.

tio borracho says:

Chris Mulkey always gives a terrific performance.

adriantheloser says:

5 bagels?? I’m in!

Nick Sirigos says:

HOLY SHIT 5 bagels each, I’m defintly seeing this when it’s released in Australia… Love you both


Love Tom Hanks. One of my most favorite actors. I’m drink tell watching this movie.

Ryk Comerford says:

Chris Mulkey : Patti Rocks and Twin Peaks.

Joe Wilder says:

Back story on Somalia: in 1991 during the outbreak of a civil war, Somalia’s navy fell apart and disbanded. This left Somalia’s coast line unprotected, and as a result fishing vessels from other countries started to poach in the region. In addition, other ships came and started using the unguarded Somali waters as a dumping area for toxic waste, including radioactive nuclear waste. The upshot – Fisherman could no longer make a living, so they banded with the pirates to avoid starvation.

littlefreak42069 says:

Omg a 5 bagel review from john? Wow im shocked

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