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Unbelievably Gorgeous Photos Of Rainbow Mountains Lead The Daily Links

Melinda Chan / Getty Images

The rainbow mountains in China’s Danxia Landform Geological Park are real. And they’re absolutely spectacular. – [HuffPost Green]

New research has shown that the way you eat popcorn indicates your personality type. But just in case you aren’t a popcorn person: What does your favorite afternoon snack say about you? – [XOJane]

Matt Sayles / Invision, File / AP

Kanye West puts on a hell of a show. But he isn’t the only one: Check out this monster list of the 50 greatest live acts right now. – [Rolling Stone]

Robert Galbraith / Reuters

Alex Rodriguez may or may not be facing a lifetime ban from baseball. Get to know 8 people who actually were given the boot from the game. – [mental_floss]

The acceptance of crossdressing is still in its infancy in Japan. So this beautiful new book of photography aims to show how lovely it is when people are simply being themselves. – [RocketNews24]

What was Aaron Paul up to before he played Jesse on Breaking Bad? This is his definitive career timeline. – [Warming Glow]

There are good ways to smuggle your pet turtle onto an airplane. There are bad ways. And there are really freaking weird ways. – [Death and Taxes]

What a long neck you have, model on the right! The combination of Photoshop and fashion doesn’t always work out too well. – [Ranker]

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