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Uriah: Uriah Phillips Levy, Captain, USN, and the Naval Court of Inquiry

This book is an edited transcript of over 900 pages of testimony, charges, interrogatories, examinations, and cross-examinations of many of the witnesses for and against Navy Captain Uriah Phillips Levy at the Naval Court of Inquiry in 1857. The goal was to separate Captain Levy from the United States Navy after forty-five years of service. The magnitude of the anti-Semitic attitude amongst certain naval officers during that period of history is indicated in these transcripts. The historic chain of events and Levy’s subsequent contribution to the U.S. Navy and American history make this a valuable addition to the literature.

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Anonymous says:

I have just finished reading Uriah, by Mel Young. I enjoyed the book very much and found it fascinating, particularly to anyone who likes military history. It showed the U.S. Navy at its worst and again at its best as it corrected a wrong to a talented officer. Sydney Pollack

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