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Video history of the 5 day ordeal of the April, 2009 capture of Captain Phillips of the USNS Maersk Alabama and the subsequent rescue by the USS Bainbridge a…

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Aidan Aguilera says:

I believe they had 3 or 4 snipers dedicated to taking out each target, that ontop of some amazing skill….this is why we don’t piss off america haha

aimonaali says:

Captain Phillips didn’t offer himself as a hostage for the safety of his crew. He’s said so himself.

IRLBucket says:

what? he means onboard the ship captain Phillips was taking with the cargo not like the I don’t even know what you are talking about..

Koen Downie says:

What is wrong with English Sailors? No insult there, You should be grateful to the English they are always backing (U.S) you up in your wars………Think before you talk

ryanlikesdietcoke says:

they did… otherwise
the white man would have retaliated

ryanlikesdietcoke says:

typical middle eastern niggers

ac2leung says:

You got that right! SEALs go thru a 6-month long training program like no other. There are 3 phases and the first phase is the toughest. You think they’re amazing at sniping? That’s nothing compared to what they have to train for in the first phase. Weapons training doesn’t take place until they’ve passed the first 2 phases, and marksmanship is the very last training on the list. So you can imagine, if they’re the best at sniping, they’re most likely f***king the best at everything else! Peace!

FlankTheFlanker says:

I guess it was just so that it didn’t turn it into a happy ending, for the sake of good film, even if Tom Hanks didn’t accurately portray Capt. Philips reaction, it was sure spine chilling

FlankTheFlanker says:

The movie had me on the edge of my seat the whole way through, really amazing, recommend it to everyone!

Pravin J says:

don’t they have guns on board. …?? 2..3 guns cud hav saved der lives..

Christopher Zimny says:

I just want to know why they didn’t have any guns on board.

Christopher Zimny says:

They were situated on a very big boat, I wouldn’t imagine that it rocked very much.

thomas yo says:

Oh and those snipers are freaken awesome!!!

thomas yo says:

Yea…I just saw the movie and that ending part is soooo fake!! Tom hanks looked scared as fuck in the movie…terrified and shocked! But in the real clip at the end the captain looked happy and excited like nothing had happen. Wow…I thought the movie was awesome but man that captain does look like an ass! No wonder none of his crew likes him…

mandrilloSt says:

Rescue of Capt.Philips was a very good job,actually excellent job.
There is a one thing which I wanna say all of you.If this is not an American Master,would any navy do such a thing like this,any Navy???
How many vessels been hijacked near Somalia Coast,Gulf of Oman and so on?
I am telling you,if this is not an American Master,things will be so much different.
And also every seaman knows very well,that this is a fucking business with security guards on board each vessel!

bossladym80 says:

It does seem unbelievable that anyone could be that good a sharp shooter, but those are the Navy Seals-the best of the best. The movie was awesome saw it today.

Simo4404 says:

If someone is properly trained then they could shot like that

Klorg Lork says:


Bawnquishasm says:

How can they do the impossible? : SEALs.

hootizzz says:

“Spolier Alert, Spoiler Alert”…!!

luckyazian13 says:

But it seems so fake now. Not the movie, I always keep in mind that “based on a true story” doesn’t mean that it’s true. The crew members aboard the Maersk Alabama cargo ship said that no one really liked Cpt. Phillips. No one wanted to work with him. They are sueing the company for $50 million with Cpt. Phillips being the witness FOR the company.

Also, seeing Cpt. act “alright” after he was rescued in this vid made me dislike the movie a bit.

Nathan Jones says:

I was thinking that in the movie last night.

angelswave88 says:

Movie was excellent! But of course you get some of that Hollywood razzle dazzle in it 😛

kjkmpmm says:

Can you even imagine how bad it smelled inside that lifeboat??

karameltiger21 says:

I agree. and to note, this was the same SEAL team (team Six) that brought down Osama Bin Laden. Truly amazing group of men!

DrGariS says:

By the way, the movie was FANTASTIC! Just saw tonight. Go see it 🙂

OneRyLove says:

Hooyah Navy! im proud to be a sailor

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