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VH1 Rock Docs + UPRISING: Hip Hop & The LA Riots + VH1


Abel Tovar says:


Easy E says:

must see and I wan some feedback on this ?

Ethor76 says:

I see that point too, and it’s just a few beatings after hundreds of years
of hate and discrimination. But it’s just the attitudes of some of the
people, and the mentality of just doing what everyone else is doing, and
joining the crowd.

Jenna Labrado says:

the man that filmed this from his apartment and turned it over to the news
for the world to see was a (white man)..

Ivan Stojanovic says:

This remind me of MTV Yo RAP series

Stephanie Cherry says:

lol from cali too

derrick hatten says:

Im Black…and I agree….i always thought that also…..stupid for having
his doors unlocked….double stupid for not smashing everything in sight

herromyfrrend says:

eres un pedejo! hip hop durante, estea era de brutalidad de policia, los
rapperos hablaban su mente de la situacion. mi espanol oviamente no es

Reggie says:

Pues yo no sé bien en que planeta estaba viviendo (además de la luna) porque no había &qt&t;descubiertooquou; tu cocina y ya me doy de topes con tantas cosas ricas!!!Este brownie debe estar muy bueno, a pesar de que no soy chocoadicta casi todos mis amigos y familia si que lo son, en especial a mi me gusta el chocolate en leche infusionada con picante…de este lado del charco el picante es imprescindible en casi todo.Y nada que te sigo desde hoy :DBesiños.

Robert S says:

Why defend Denny? Who is he to you?

emilyseatsjordan2036 says:

Fuck the police I dont trust them

AntwanBLACKSTARZ says:


Jalenators says:

I don’t think the black people should have just hurt RANDOM white people!
Who know’s if one of the white people they beat up was not racist! They
existed ya know

ViciousxViolet says:

I’ve seen this whole program. Very well done. Did great research, talked
with those who were there. Went to the streets where individual events
happened during the riots, such as where Reginald Denny was beaten. Have to
learn from these events. Remember, some people lost their lives from this.
Regardless of how it started, what it turned into, who’s truly responsible
or whatever, it was a horrible thing that happened & has left an indelible
mark on history & pop culture, even 20 years later….

month671 says:

Vh1 is great at showing documentary I hope they do some more

apostolostv says:

What’s wrong with Haiti? They’ve been tortured by France and the US for
decades both violently and economically.

Ryan Cole says:

Where did I defend him?

RaslinRIP3 says:

@TheF455 and you take a step back in humanity with your ignorant words.

marco horvatek says:

where can I watch the whole movie?

roberto ormazabal says:

que tiene que ver esto con el hiphop!

0Moreno0 says:

looool that was original lil bitch

djwestbrook36 says:

Honestly, the only thing wrong with the riot was the beating of white
people for no reason. It should have stayed to just burning houses and
looting shit. Honestly, people want to talk about ‘how it was so horrible’
but the riots definitely sent a message and altered behavior. Sometimes
shits gotta go down or no1 changes. The American Revolution is proof of

Brashann THO says:

What What.I saw it it was fucking awsomeXP FUCK DA POLICE;D

MagicCryo says:

MAN that first tall dude. that kicks in the doors of that police building
or the trial or w/.e has a damn good front push kick. or leonidas kick. w/e
you wana call it.

JakeBluegrass . says:

One platoon of pre 1994 South African Internal Stability Unit riot police
would have cleaned up those streets in no time. I remember watching the
riots on CNN with frustration. Respect to the Koreans for defending
themselves. Many of those Koreans had the benefit of three years military
national service in a professional disciplined army. The slightest
organised resistance and those cowardly, looting thugs fell apart.

djwestbrook36 says:

exactly on point. im all for burning shit…but why do you burn your fellow
neighbors poor business…??? if u hate the white ppl so much why u
destroying your own community? if u hate the police y dont u attack them
instead of innocent bystanders? i guess things just get outta control

theprince4291 says:

R.I.P Rodney King

MrMrSouthphilly says:

i wish i could rape ur mom

krrdog says:

They are lighting the fuse for the 20 yr anniv.

Brett Carroll says:

@Ethor76 I think that man’s attitude, as well as the riots, exemplifies the
hatred and anger among the black community and black people in the US due
to the mistreatment by police. It’s terrible Mr. Denny was beaten that way,
but it’s terrible blacks were treated badly too. The whole point he makes
is everybody was sick of a lack of results from what MLK preached IE police

Ryan Cole says:

Exactly. You see what’s going on. Should’ve just plowed through and saved
his own ass.



Ilovelasvegas Nevada says:


bakerdreadone says:

All of what transpired was horrific and saddening. That wasn’t an uprising,
it was a setback for all black people.

Vatolocoac says:

Tupac Changes

Florence says:

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