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Videogame Logic


PanteraSlayerMegadethExodusMetallicaCannibalCorpseAnthraxGojira says:

Yes, yes, now keep going.

TheNewAbhorsen says:

The second one is wrong, you can play the entire game without killing anyone. Supposedly

Bobothetalkingclown says:

Age of Empires!

jsnforce says:

Also, you can avoid much of the killing.

jsnforce says:

Wow, way to judge people. Most shooting games don’t even give you a choice. It’s simply a greater challenge to go no-kill.

jsnforce says:

Maybe if they just tilted it a bit?

BattlinButler says:

‘Tis true. Lay that on Leo Da Vinci.

koleypunch says:

LOL That Skyrim one.

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