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Vladimir Putin And Dmitry Medvedev: A Love Story

1. It was an innocent introduction.

2. One handshake wasn’t quite enough. A proper acquaintance needs at least two.

3. This handshake feels too good to let go.

4. The proximity is too close to avoid gazing into one another’s eyes.

5. It’s so hard to prevent this enrapturing handshake from turning into a full-on embrace. The pains of public self-restraint!

6. Oh, what the hell.

11. It’s marvelous to have someone to behold the great outdoors with.

13. The skies are brighter.

15. Milk tastes creamier.

16. Ah, the bashful blush of new love.

17. So why waste time leading Russia?

18. It’s time to hatch a plan.

19. We’ll slip out when the guards aren’t looking…

20. And we’ll go on holiday!

21. First we’ll hit the slopes.

22. And revel in snowy recreation.

23. On second thought, this arrangement is cozier.

24. The warmth of love will be complemented by the warmth of tea.

26. And then we’ll see the plains!

27. And relax in a lakeside oasis.

29. When we tire of the water, we’ll just play some indoor badminton!

30. Then venture to the seaside for a stroll on the beach.

31. May our holidays never end!

32. This is utter happiness!

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