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Wallpaper Dump 2


nightcawc says:

This… This is a nice gallery.

HeroShiba says:


hopethisisarelevantname says:

There are some gems in here, for sure.

DrunkenIrishStereotype says:

Bitches love wallpapers!

TeaAssault says:

Yay, more wallpapers to add to my “never used” folder

skyturnedred says:

Seems like 1920×1080 or 1920×1200. Though I did only check a few.

itotesjustsignedupfordisafteryrsoflurKING says:

I’d love to have a beautiful wallpaper, but my desktop has so many icons I cant see the image behind them 🙁

LetMeCheckMyLicense says:

I’m going to start posting my dumps

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