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Watching Dave Chapelle from side of stage


Lorenrox says:

These people aren’t Dave Chapelle

bjk7dd says:

That guys outfit is totally getting the “fuck me” eyes from that girls outfit

PutThatThingBackWhereItCameFromSoHelpMe says:

Wow, hard to believe they all went to Africa to see his show.

MoonlightGraham says:


worldrummer says:

Is that Sarah Silverman and Louis CK?

thehammerismypenis says:

In that they’re the best players to not be in the championship game? Or something about that game being a total joke.

IHateBoogers says:

I think Dave Attell is the dude behind Amy Schymer

zerosu says:

I don’t think any of these people qualify as “all time greats” except MAYBE Louis CK and obviously Chapelle.

HerbieRobinson says:

Should not be a bad reply. Chappelle and CK, the rest are meh.

Nskillit says:

Aziz, Hannibal, Amy. Sarah Silverman can leave though.

weeniethegrizzlybear says:

Louie doesn’t steal jokes! His comedy is more in the stylings of Carlin anyway.

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