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WaterWipes Sensitive Baby Wipes, 4 Packs of 60 Count (240 Count)

The world’s purest baby wipes – 99.9% water and a drop of fruit extract. Suitable for newborns. Effective yet ultra-mild, pure and gentle. WaterWipes are unlike any other baby wipe on the market, and have been produced using cutting-edge new technology. When a baby is born, the outermost layer of their skin is incomplete, making their skin much thinner than adults. When it comes to ingredients, less is more. Conventional baby wipes use ingredients also found in bubble baths, shampoos, etc. WaterWipes are the baby wipe that parents and healthcare professionals have been waiting for. Cleaning a newborn baby’s delicate skin requires the mildest, gentlest care possible, to avoid skin sensitization problems. Thanks to WaterWipes, parents have the convenience of baby wipes with the absolute purity. With a clean, fresh non-greasy feel, they leave no residue on the skin. Free of alcohol, perfume, chlorine, formaldehyde, phenols, phthalates, SLS and SLES, lanolin and unnecessary additives.

Product Features

  • Contains 99.9% purified water and a drop of fruit extract
  • Suitable from birth
  • Fragrance and Alcohol Free
  • Awarded National Eczema Association of America Seal of Acceptance
  • Other suitable usage includes: weaning, teething, cleaning of baby’s hands and face, adult’s sensitive skin care as well as elderly skin care

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Anonymous says:

Used to be great wipes. Product got smaller, price stayed the same, now they cause irritation! If I wrote this review when I first tried Water Wipes, it would be a five star review. In 2017 however, it’s now a 1 star product and I no longer purchase these wipes.The idea of Water Wipes is great, simple ingredients. Read a baby wipes package sometimes, I bet you can’t pronounce half the ingredients on the list. Water Wipes appealed to our household with 2 IBS sufferers and no children due to allergies.Water and Grape seed extract are the only ingredients. Originally…

Anonymous says:

They’ve changed 🙁

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