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Weekly martech review: Moesif lands $3.5M for API analytics, influencer marketing, Amazon new viewability standard

In our review of last week’s martech news, we highlight:

  • Moesif, an API analytics startup, landed $3.5M in seed funding.
  • Influencer marketing is on the rise in 2019.
  • Amazon adopted a new standard for what classifies as a reported “viewable impression.”

Top stories in marketing technology last week:

SF-based startup Moesif secures $3.5M seed funding for API use insight

What it is

Moesif is an analytics platform that gives companies insight into use of its APIs. Picture Google Analytics, but instead of looking at web traffic, it examines your API.

They offer both free and paid plans. The free option offers basic information to developers on when an API has a bug, for example. The paid plan can show who is using an API, how often, and even who is likely to abandon it.

Moesif currently boasts around 2000 users and a team of just three — two cofounders and one employee.

They plan to hire ten additional people as part of their new funding.

Why it matters

Insight into API use can be game changing for people in product marketing, sales, etc.

Moesif stands out as a platform built “by API developers, for API developers.” Take one look at their blog and it shows — “Common problems developing Ethereum dApps with Metamask” is among the first.

Their funding follows in line with trends of marketing technology becoming ever more technical, and keeping the rest of us on our toes.

Influencer marketing on the rise in 2019

What it is

Last week, we looked at what lies ahead for influencer marketing this year.

Why it matters

It’s a space that has changed a lot in the last couple years. We’re seeing key trends of more sophisticated technology, less fraud, the rise of nano- and micro-influencers, and even more in-house influencer programs.

It’s an industry predicted to balloon to $10 billion by 2020. The space also comes with heavy weight. A reported 22% of 18-34 year-olds made a large purchase after seeing an online influencer endorsing the item.

Amazon adopts new standard for viewable impressions

What it is

Amazon announced last week:

“As part of our ongoing efforts to provide advertisers with better and more actionable reporting, we have changed our approach for view-through conversion attribution to use the Media Rating Council’s (MRC) viewability standard.

Effective January 1, 2019, only viewable impressions based on the MRC standard (50% of pixels in view for at least 1 second) are eligible to be credited towards a conversion. With advertisers continuing to adopt the MRC standard, this change will enable straightforward evaluation of campaign results.”

Why it matters

Under the Media Rating Council’s standard, an ad impression is “viewable” only when at least 50% of the pixels are in view for at least one second.

So by Amazon adopting this standard, they will now report view-through conversions based only on ad impressions seen by users who converted.

For more on advertising on Amazon, check out this masterclass.

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