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What Grad School Is REALLY Like

1. So you decided to go to grad school. Congratulations!

2. Knowledge is pretty freaking cool.

3. Someday you’ll get a fancy diploma that will help you earn more money, or whatever.

4. But you know, a lot of people think that grad school is just like a continuation of undergrad. And it’s definitely NOT.

5. For example, this was your school spirit in college:

6. School spirit in grad school: Ain’t nobody got time for that.

7. Social life in college:

8. Social life in grad school:

9. Leaving a progress meeting with your advisor in college:

10. Leaving a progress meeting with your advisor in grad school:

11. Your apartment in college:

12. Your apartment in grad school:

13. Drinking coffee in college:

14. Coffee in grad school:

15. Dating in college:

16. Dating in grad school is more like:

17. In college, your main job is to consume knowledge.

18. In grad school, you’re supposed to be the one PRODUCING the knowledge.

19. Fridays in college: no class.

20. Fridays in grad school: IT NEVER STOPS.

21. Your best friend in college:

22. Your best friend in grad school:

23. In college, you study really general things.

24. In grad school, you focus on something so specialized you can discuss it with literally two other people on the planet.

25. Spring break in college:

26. Spring break in grad school: field trip to the archives.

27. And finally, in college you feel pretty confident, because you were at the top of your class:

28. But guess what? Everyone at grad school was the smartest kid at THEIR college, so now you’re like:

29. But, college:

30. Grad school:

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