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What Happened To This Officer And His K9 Will Break Your Heart. It’s Tragically Beautiful.

Not only were Casey and Draco best friends, but they were partners. They stayed by each other’s side in life. Now, they are still standing together in death. What happened to a man and his dog were tear your heart in two.

Officer Casey J. Kohlmeier and his K-9 Draco were killed in the line of duty together.

A drunk driver slammed his pickup truck into their patrol car.

Casey, who formerly served in the Air Force, was killed on impact.

He was survived by his parents, two brothers, two sisters and girlfriend Leslie Alappattu.

The man who killed them, Jason Collins, was driving drunk and fell asleep behind the wheel.

He is being held in jail with a $100,000 bond while Casey and Draco are being buried together.

The two are being laid to rest together, supporting each other in the grave. Drunk driving steals lives away from us. Don’t drink and drive.


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