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What Was Your Favorite Song As A Kid?

1. What kind of music did you love when you were a kid?

2. When I was little, I used to belt out the theme music from “Star Wars” at the top of my lungs.

3. When I was just a bit older, I used to ride my bike around in circles while my tape of Genesis’ “Invisible Touch” album blared on a boom box.

4. I also remember playing my parents’ old vinyl on a toy turntable. I loooooved The Beatles, and didn’t even hear their post-“Rubber Soul” stuff until I was a teenager.

5. Were you more into kid’s music?

6. Or stuff from Disney movies?

7. Or something you’d sing at camp?

8. Or just something that was on the radio all the time?

9. Or was it something you made up on your own?

Share your memories in the comments!

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