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What Your Engagement Ring Shape Says About You

Like any other wedding-obsessed 20-something, I watch “Say Yes To The Dress” religiously.

But if we’re being honest, fussing over a gown I’ll only wear once seems more ridiculous thanJay Z’sdemands on tour.

Peony arrangements and Vera Wang embroidery have piqued women’sinterests since the days of Barbie dolls and hopscotch. However, choosingthe rightengagement ring is more importantthan any other wedding decision you’ll make, no matter the grandeur or simplicity of the proposal.

Thecut outweighs the couture.

A diamond’s shape shows whether you’re more of a Mila Kunis or a Solange. The multi-carat diamond is a litmus test for how well your beau knows you.

Bottom line: The ring you’ll wear every day is much mightier than the dress.

Here’s what the body of your bling-bling says about you.

Pear: the one-of-a-kind.

Though you’re an almost-Mrs., your diamond is as independent as a single lady.You’re the type to drop a tear for this unique Rick Ross-approved shape — even if crying’s not your fort.

Celebrity ring match: FKA Twigs

Round: the classic, cool woman.

Elegance is your middle name, whether you’re in a baseball t-shirt or ball gown. Because your taste is more sophisticatedthanHarvard Law, your love for this circular cut means you’re set in matrimonial tradition.

Celebrity ring match: Michelle Obama

Princess: the lady.

You’rea Millennial wife, without the“cool girl” pretense. Though you’ll curb any Bridezilla behavior, your signature stone still assuresno portion of your bridal procession will be out of place.

Celebrity ring match: Nicky Hilton

Cushion: the badass romantic.

You’re more devoted to tradition than Kim Kardashian is to contouring.ThoughKimYe’s Italian nuptials were stellar, they’re muchtoo black and white for an edgy bride like you.

Celebrity ring match: Kim Kardashian

Marquise: the center of attention.

Naturally, you prefer brilliance over blemishes. What’s more, gemstonesappear bigger set in thisoval-cut shape, so it’s no wonder you invited your single friends to brunch just towatch your diamond dance.

Celebrity ring match: Catherine Zeta-Jones

Emerald: the minimal glam queen.

This rectangular rock proves you’re confident in the man you’re marrying. Your wedding plans will probably be moreintimate than over-the-top and every singledetail will be flawless.

Celebrity ring match: Beyonc

Radiant: the infatuated diva.

There’s no space for dull moments in your radiant sparkler. The additionalfire in your finger candy proves he better keep you entertained if he wants any chance at getting you down the aisle.

Celebrity ring match:Jennifer Lopez

Asscher: the thrifter.

You meticulously collect vintage items like Elizabeth Taylor collected husbands. You’re unapologetic about your love for exclusive pieces and prefer age-old jewelry over modern style.

Celebrity ring match: Elizabeth Taylor

Heart: the hopeless romantic.

You’re all latex and razor-sharp edge on the outside but mushier than The Grinch’s new heart on the inside.Even though you’re an Anna at work, your dreamy side melts forthis saccharine shape.

Celebrity ring match: Lady Gaga

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