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When Did We First Get Into Hip Hop? | @AskDEHH w/ Sophie


The Unknown Stranger says:

How old are the DEHH cast?

uncleallo says:

Im 30 and Bone Thugs n Harmony is what really got me into music

TheSnoozeFox says:

Like water for chocolate was the first album that properly got me into hip
hop, I did buy black sunday a few years earlier but didn’t really get into
it until I started smoking lol

(◕ ‿ ◕ ✿) aerouwid says:

the Tony Hawk’s Underground soundtrack introduced me to it, Beastie Boys
made me dig deep

Trever Paradis says:

Girl likes Rock awhellya

Hiphopfan34 says:

For me being 17, white, and in the suburbs it was not surprisingly Eminem.
I remember growing up and hearing My Name is, The Real Slim Shady, and
Lose Yourself on the radio all the time. Later on I heard Till I Collapse,
and when the Recovery singles were getting crazy airplay I decided I was
gonna listen to some more of his stuff. Ended up stumbling upon the
Infinite album really early on, was reading a lot of the comments and
closely paying attention to the lyrics, and learned a lot about the art
thanks to that. Then I got into AZ, Rakim, Nas, and from there it kinda
just took off.

Donald Pittman says:

I can’t help enjoying yall discussions , really good show fellaz , keep it

TickleYoFunnyBone says:

Being a white 14 year old kid, growing up in a white household, I never
heard a lot of hip hop music during my primary school years. When I turned
11, I met one of my best friends who has 2 older brothers that listened to
hip hop music. That’s when I was introduced to Eminem. Eminem was the first
rapper I was introduced to. Eminem started it all for me, and is one of the
reasons why Eminem is one of the greatest of all time.

Trever Paradis says:

I got into hip-hop because of Lil Wayne. Sad haha

Donald Pittman says:

But now I only really like classic nola Houston and Tennessee rap …the
south my brothaz , fuk the unionized north !!!

TheRealTLD says:

1:47 Sounds Racist But Its True! lol

Sean Johnson says:

Feefo is Hispanic?

Donald Pittman says:

Made me like yall alot more talking about putting tapes together …even
tho I really don’t listen to rap anymore unless it classic shit …cuz i
hate new everything for the most part ..the beastie boys was the first i
remember but public enemy really got me into it and I loved everything
about that group , the imagery the power …now I think chuck is just a old
racist nigga and i wouldn’t throw water on him if he was on fire but damn
he was my idol at 13

En4cer2K9 says:

I first started listening to the radio in 1995, but we only had 1 radio
station in Sacramento that played mostly R&B and pop (102.5). It wasn’t
till like 1999 where we finally got a real hip hop station (103.5) that I
started getting exposed to hip hop. Eminem, DMX, Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes, Snoop
and Dre, Xzibit, Tha Eastsidaz, Warren G, posthumous Pac and Biggie, Big
Pun, Fat Joe, Cash Money, Bad Boy, Nelly, D12, 50 Cent and G-Unit, T.I.,
Kanye West… There was so much good music around the first half of the
2000’s. Even the R&B was cool. My “golden” years.

Then Hyphy and Snap Your Fingers music took over. Radio airplay went to
hell ever since…

Mohammad Al-Qudah says:

I was born in 1997 and I lived the days of a CD player because I live in a
third world country (oh well). When I was thirteen, I had only pop hits and
girly music e.g. Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Ke$ha and Nicki Minaj but then my
friend gave me Cold World: The Sideline Story and I had no problem and I
knew that I would’ve hated the record because it was hip hop but
surprisingly I liked it and started to ask my friend for other albums he
had and he gave masterpieces like The College Dropout. Afterwards, I
started to buy hip hop albums like Born Sinner and good kid, m.A.A.d city.
I deleted most of old girly library and moved on to alternative and hip
hop, I still have Lady Gaga tho.

Vinny Jett says:

1992-93. The Chronic and Doggystyle got me into hip-hop. Snoop’s What’s My
Name was the first rap song I liked. Nas’ It Was Written was my first
hip-hop cassette. That came a few years later. Than I started rapping in
2003-5 and became a hip-hop addict. Built up a crazy collection and now I’m
into all kinds of things. I still rap as well. You can check out my mixtape
on DatPiff just search Vinny Jett. Anyway, but yeah I still love hip-hop.
My fav of all time is 2pac and new favorite is prob Drake. I also like
underground joints like Killer Mike and El P and Danny Brown. Top five list
is as follows 1-2pac 2-Prodigy 3-Cam’ron 4-Eminem 5-50 Cent/Biggie

MaskedAvenger13 says:

If you got into it anytime after 97 you missed the boat. 

Ty M says:

It’s amazing seeing the bridging of gap of the different age
groups/generations’ first taste of hip-hop. This generation’s is probably
Wayne albums etc. Mine were Ice Cube “Check Yourself” and Geto Boys’ Mind
Playing tricks on me. 

michaelvilli09 says:

Myke be cappin like ho lol

chris45627 says:

For me the songs/albums ,etc are 1) BlackStar – Thieves in The Night’ 2)
Talib Kweli ft Saigon – Slap Niggas. 3) Dr Dre – The Next Episode 4)
Canibus – Freestyles 5)Video Game Soundtracks like GTA San Andrea’s
Soundtrack and Tony Hawk put me on to Old School/Underground Hip Hop. 6)
The Boondocks put me on to MF Doom at a young age. By The time i got out of
middle school i was a full blown “Back Packer” 

Frank Stein says:

Is that Feefo’s brother in the back?? lol

k2datrack says:

No way out?? Wdf…how old is feefo?

Jonathankami says:

did sophie just said fort minor?! man cant believed somebody still remember
fort minor!! back then linkin park used to be the shit.

Patrick Griffin says:

My earliest memories of Hip-Hop are watching 2Pac and Biggies music videos
I remember California Love and Hypnotize videos vividly I’m 21 now so I was
around 4 or 5 then. I really got into hip-hop though when Eminem,DMX,
Outcast, Nelly etc were blowing up around the late 90’s early 00’s
especially Eminem they played that stuff to death. Everybody had them in
the CD player back then. I remember kids taking the CD’s and CD players to
school with a pack of batteries..can’t believe we did that back then good
thing Ipods came..

Janowitz Modigliani says:

Nigga in the back trying to be quiet as shit, and failing.

advocatefish d says:

On the bus ride to school I would try hovering the cd player to try and get
it to not skip. 

Jerel King says:

I’m only 21 ; battle rap & pure street music was when I got into hip-hop ;
I used to watch rap battles & even listen to some people from the streets
go mainstream & from there I search & study rappers that was in the

Sean Johnson says:

Feefo is Hispanic?

BeatsOutDBricks says:

Kinge’s Face 4:48 lol 

Avery Smith says:

Lupe Fiasco Food & Liquor got me into hip-hop

mig man says:

I dont care what anyone says limp bizkit is the best garbage music ever
made. He has no lyrics but i love that sound rollin, nookie generation,
break stuff that stuff stlll pumps me up. 

Calvin_EaglesFan says:

Are you guys gunna review Mastermind?

TheMOFMusic says:

Review Mastermind by Rozay guys.

El Espi says:

probably the best [email protected] ep yet, at least for me
really brought back a lot of memories

Simple Complexity says:

I’m younger than the people in this video but I understand the struggle
with the cassette tape. I’ve been there and done all of that. Just not in
the car.

Mic Tyson says:

My introduction was the Wu-Tang, but what about Ron’s/Modest Media’s
introduction to rap?

SimbaRyan says:

They bullshitting with the Cyhi The Prynce mixtape

Desmond Lost says:

marjorie looks different

rgbchild1 says:

I was born into the second gen of hip hop. Dope-ness 

Lord Quad says:

yall should review Kid Cudi – Satellite Flight:Journey To Mother Moon

Marcus Gibson says:

Hey guys, would love for ya’ll to review Cyhi The Prynce – Black Hystori
Project. I know it’s been out for two weeks, but I’ve been hearing a lot of
good things about it. Would love to hear ya’ll perspective. Thanks. Plus
check out him on Sway, like he killed it ya’ll.

Bernie Clavender says:

first ever rap song i heard: candy shop ,50 cent
first one i really paid attention to: like toy soldiers ,eminem
first artist i ever liked: ,eminem
first album i loved: my beautiful dark twisted fantasy , lord yeezus 

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