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When the couple at the table behind us has a huge argument and storms out of the restaurant


Badgerstolemyfox says:


drinkojallday says:

I’ll take one generic, unlabeled beer please

spookymonster says:


maniakrx8 says:

Then you realize one of them came back in while your laughing and asks you out on a date.

GoBlue says:

This exact thing happened yesterday at a football game I was at. The couple behind us got in a huge argument and left the stadium.

Satman says:

Sam is looking a bit different these days now that he and Frodo aren’t questing anymore

LoofahDoof says:

That look

koltergeist says:


andycarroll09 says:

You should have taken a side, reddit OP.

geneparmesan07 says:

GongShowJay says:

Dave from Happy Endings!

ASUMZ says:

Working in restaurants, this is SO awkward when this happens. “Sooo…. Do you guys want anything wrapped up? Dessert? Ok…”

WhereWillYouBeWakingUpTomorrowMorning says:

Where’s the Wilfred?

TheLoneStranger says:

They give each other that ‘Poor bastard, thank God it’s not me’ look

istalkmyneighboor says:

along with your generic delivery persons uniform?

TBBs says:

ah, those are the best moments

IAmNotWhoYouThinkIAm says:

and can I get an elijah wood on the side? thanks

liwaldo says:

+1 for a fellow Happy Endings fan!

ThatIsHowIFoundIt says:

Very underrated show. It died too young.

noah12345678987654321 says:

eat their food

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