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Which Coen Brothers Movie Are You?

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Which Coen Brothers Movie Are You?

  1. You got: Fargo

    You are a critical thinker and love a good puzzle. You rarely say no to a challenge and you were born to lead. Nothing can stop you from seeking justice, not even a giant-ass Paul Bunyan statue. You can withstand any type of obstacle, including freezing cold temperatures.


  2. You got: The Big Lebowski

    For you, friends come first. You are one cool cucumber — it takes a lot to agitate you. At the same time, no one messes with the Dude. If anyone’s ever out of their element, you believe anything can be solved over a round of bowling and a conversation with an ice cold White Russian in hand.

    Working Title Films / Via

  3. You got: No Country For Old Men

    You are a strong and serious individual. You work hard for the things you have in life, but you can sometimes your ambition gets the better of you. However, after a tough work week, there’s nothing better than relaxing outdoors and unplugging for a while. Whenever conflict arises, you’re the first to confront it and talk it out.

    Miramax Pictures

  4. You got: A Serious Man

    Family is one of the most important things in your life. You couldnt get through anything without them. You are a loving and compassionate individual who seeks advice from the wise people around you. Sometimes things might not go your way, but you know there’s always something better waiting in the future.

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  5. You got: Raising Arizona

    You are one fun and goofy individual. You love to have a good time, perhaps TOO good sometimes. You can make anyone laugh and refuse to take life too seriously. Sometimes you don’t think things through before you act, but people love that you are quirky and unique.

    20th Century Fox

  6. You got: O Brother, Where Art Thou?

    You are anything but a man (or woman) of constant sorrow and you are willing to do anything for your family and close friends. Loyalty is one of your best qualities and you don’t mind breaking the rules from time to time. People love your spontaneity and thirst for adventure. Just steer clear of the law.

    Touchstone Pictures


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