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Why Is That Trump Tan So Orange?

Great balls o’ fire! 🔥Why is that Trump tan so orange? It turns out his unique tangerine 🍊 color involves a little chemistry! Get the rundown on fake tans and find out how DHA, the Maillard reaction, & amino acids may make our 45th president a little more orange than most 🙂

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(:50) Here is some great information on DHA’s history.

*DHA was first recognized as a skin coloring agent by German scientists in the 1920s. Through its use in the X-ray process, it was noted as causing the skin surface to turn brown when spilled.

*In the 1920’s DHA was also orally administered as a sugar substitute for diabetics.[Rabinowitch J Biol Chem 75 45 (1927)]

*The “tanning effect” was scientifically studied by Dr. Eva Wittgenstein in 1961 while conducting studies on childhood glycogen storage disease at the University of Cincinnati. She developed liquid formulations that could be painted on the skin to give consistent tanning [Wittgenstein – ‎1961 J Investigative Derm 36 4 (1961)]

*In 1959, Drug Research Corp in New York sold “Man Tan” a shaving lotion containing DHA.

(3:12) Though melanin does offer some protection against UV radiation, it’s only about 50%-75%. This is the equivalent to an SPF of 4 — which isn’t much! The very act of producing melanin creates reactive oxygen species…which induces skin damage. Bottom line: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS UV RESISTANT SKIN. Even the darkest skin types can incur significant DNA damage.

(3:17) A fake tans turn brown because it forms melanoidins, a brown pigment that looks similar to melanin.

(:50) The Rabinowitch studies of 1927 were not conducted by Procter and Gamble, but by the Department of Metabolism at Montreal General Hospital. [Rabinowitch J Biol Chem 75 45 (1927)]

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