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Why New Vegas Doesn't Feel as Open-World as it Should


azazyel says:

I was a little disappointed in this game. Probably because I did the XP cheat, just wasn’t the same after that.

vorduul says:

I mean, at the very beginning. It’s not long before you’re 1-shotting deathclaws from a mile away with a .50 cal sniper.

Dragaroth says:

… people had trouble with the rad scorpions starting out? shit, I was fine. cazadors, I see the trouble, but even one or two 1/2

GoBlue says:

Yea, but all of them but one won’t allow you to progress. It’s the illusion of choice.

azazyel says:

I did it because I got bored. Fallout was way more open and expansive. But nothing beats the original ‘Wateland’

graehall says:

Twice? Not nice.

graehall says:

Twice? Not nice.

Metroda says:

I had to sneak past those fucking bee’s every time to get my crit knife.

Xendrus says:

I play on max difficulty only, still doesn’t make it too hard, I have to use mods to increase it even more, horribly balanced game.

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