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Operational use 1. Insert the vacuum bottle stopper into the bottle mouth and pull the piston rod up and down (about 80-120 times for 750ML empty bottle). The more the pulling times, the tighter the suction force. It will automatically rebound when the pulling rod is released. At this time, the bottle is close to vacuum. 2. After keeping the wine fresh (drink it another day), rotate (or sway) and pull out the cork. 3. Preservation lasts for more than 7 days, effectively guaranteeing that the liquor in Kaifeng will not deteriorate for a long time. 4. For better preservation, please take out air once in 5-7 days. 5. After keeping red wine fresh, before removing the bottle stopper, please shake the bottle stopper gently to balance the pressure inside and outside the bottle and pull out the bottle stopper.

Product Features

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  • 2.What if you can’t finish drinking red wine once you open the bottle? The main deterioration factor of red wine is air. The main way to keep red wine fresh is to extract the air from the bottle and keep it fresh at the same time.
  • 3.You need a vacuum stopper. Wine bottles are tightly sealed when they are turned upside down.
  • 4.Pull the wine stopper, extract the air, sealing performance is stronger
  • 5. For Unused Red Wine, Wine and Various Fruit Juices

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